Why Would You Give Your Money Away?

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are many ways in which money erodes and is lost, immediately and over your lifetime.

We show you how to:

Want to know how to keep more of your money?

What is
Maximum Wealth?

Maximum Wealth is simply keeping as much of your hard earned money as you possibly can and learning how to pay yourself before you pay everyone else. Please enjoy the short video below to begin understanding the creative concepts of achieving Maximum Wealth with your money.


R. Nelson Nash wrote a life-changing book “Becoming Your Own Banker” for those who are willing to open their minds and explore the not-so-visible obvious. It describes the financial chaos resulting from overwhelming debt and paid-interest that is extinguishing the savings and wealth of individuals and families. It also describes in detail what should be done to eliminate the destruction of your money and bring banking into your personal control, breaking the shackles of “financial slavery” placed upon you by financial institutions, government, and tuition.

This confiscation of people’s money has gone on long enough. It’s time for people to take control of their money and remove the money hustlers from their lives. Nash’s book must be read, and the strategies implemented, if you wish to live the truth and achieve maximum wealth with your money.

WHat is your
Maximum Wealth Potential?

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You are 3 simple steps away from the same type of financial system that banks, corporations, and the rich use to grow their wealth.


Organize your money for a Personal Banking System


Create a custom Personal Banking System for you and your family


Maximize your wealth with your Personal Banking System

Hi, I’m Doug

For over 35 years, I have been counseling and guiding people and businesses with their money. Over all of these years, I have researched how people save, invest, and make money as well as how they spend, risk, and lose money. I have found that the main reason people are losing the majority of their money is “Paid Interest.” This overwhelming loss of money is a result of the most important and misunderstood business function in the world called “banking.”

At Maximum Wealth, our passion and work is providing you with the ability to create a personal banking system in which YOU make deposits, manage, and control the flows of YOUR money in and out of your personal banking system, thereby eliminating the interest paid to others in your life forever.

Mentors & Advisors

Doug’s relationships with his mentors & advisors play a large role in the approach & strategies he brings to bear for his clients.

R. Nelson Nash

Mentor & Advisor

Mr. Nash is the author of Becoming Your Own Banker©. He is the founder of the Infinite Banking Concept™ which describes the power of Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance as an asset that should be used for its capital accumulation and financing capabilities. Mr. Nash is an outspoken advocate for liberty, free markets and sound money. He is also the spokesman for the Austrian School of Economics.

Robert Murphy

Mentor & Advisor

Mr. Murphy is an American Economist and Professor. He has written several books on economics including his latest “Understanding Money Mechanics”. Murphy is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, a Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, on the Board of Directors at the Nelson Nash Institute and the host of “The Bob Murphy Show” podcast.

Barry J. Dyke

Mentor & Advisor

Mr. Dyke is President of Castle Asset Management. He has authored books such as: The Pirates of Manhattan (I, II, and III), and Guaranteed Income, A Risk Free Guide to Retirement”. For more than twenty-five years he has studied and researched the financial planning industry as well as practiced financial planning, founded a pension consulting business, a third-party administration firm and a Health & Welfare Consultancy.

Ted Benna

Mentor & Advisor

Mr. Benna is commonly referred to as the “father of the 401(k)” because he created and gained IRS approval of the very first 401K savings plan. Ted has received many citations for his accomplishments as well as writing “401(k) For Dummies” and “The 401k-Forty Years Later”

Personal Questions To Consider

Ask yourself these questions and take the next step in achieving your Maximum Wealth.
Do you really want to earn less money when you retire?
When would be the right time for you to stop losing money, or would you like to continue to do that for a while?
Wouldn't you want the plan that works even if the economy doesn't or if your health is negatively impacted?
How long have you been "winging it" financially?
Do you believe that logic and reason bring forth indisputable truth?
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