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Doug recommends the following books as a great starting point to learn more about personal finance.

Becoming Your Own Banker

Becoming Your Own Banker

Essential reading for anyone who care about their financial future. In the times of economic uncertainty, stock and bond market volatility and unpredictable policies, this book provides us with an excellent blueprint for taking charge of our personal well-being.

the case for ibc

The Case for IBC

How To Secede from Our Current Monetary Regime One Household At A Time. Crises – Bailouts – Instability. There is a path out. This book will show you the way. Three men, with three different areas of expertise… R. Nelson Nash made a career in the life insurance industry – where he discovered IBC. L. Carlos Lara has spent decades counseling business owners in financial distress. Robert P. Murphy is a PhD economist with experience in academia and the financial sector.

how privatized banking really works

How Privatized Banking Really Works

What if there was a solution to government intervention and our current money madness? Would you hesitate one minute in wanting to know what it is? Of course not! No one would. The problem is so pervasive that a solution seems impossible and yet, there is a solution. This solution’s only requirement is the action of a single person acting in a manner to help only himself, but in so acting ultimately he helps all of society. The powerful combination of Austrian Economics, The Sound Money Solution and Privatized Banking, as described by R. Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept, is the “new” idea in this book.

building your warehouse of wealth

Building Your Warehouse of Wealth

Building Your Warehouse of Wealth-by R. Nelson Nash-infinite Banking Concepts (A Grassroots Method of Avoiding Fractional Reserve Banking-Think About It!)

the pirates of manhattan

The Pirates of Manhattan

The Pirates of Manhattan: Systematically Plundering the American Consumer & How to Protect Against It Dyke examines systematic fraud, deceit and corruption that is commonplace in Wall Street and big banks. It documents how often times the very financial institutions that want you to speculate with YOUR money, in fact do not speculate with THEIR money.                            

guaranteed income

Guaranteed Income

From Back Cover: From Barry James Dyke, Author of Pirates of Manhattan, ” After the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, Wall Street continues to speculate with your retirement savings with reckless abandon. Let “Guaranteed Income” show you how to create the risk-free retirement income you desire.” 

Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

It’s Robert Kiyosaki’s position that, “It is our educational system that causes the gap between the rich and everyone else.” He laid the foundation for many of his messages in the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad – the #1 Personal Finance book of a time – and in Why the Rich Are Getting Richer, he makes his case…. Building Your Warehouse of Wealth-by R. Nelson Nash-infinite Banking Concepts (A Grassroots Method of Avoiding Fractional Reserve Banking-Think About It!)

think and grow rich

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the bestselling motivational books of all-time. Inspired by a suggestion from industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Hill explains the philosophy that helped the wealthiest and most accomplished members of society succeed.

the great utopian delusion

The Great Utopian Delusion

Individual freedom and liberty are fundamental principles upon which a good society is based. Regrettably, those principles have been under attack for over one hundred years around the globe. The notion that paradise on earth can be achieved by using government has led to the spread of tyranny and despotism. Dr. Clarence B. Carson originally explained this truth in his 1978 book, The World in the Grip of an Idea.


Robert Kiyosaki – author of the #1 personal finance book of all time – has built a legacy around simplifying complex and often-confusing subjects like money and investing. He continues to challenge conventional wisdom and asks the questions that will help listeners sift through today’s information overload to uncover ways to assess what’s real… and what isn’t. And use truth and facts as a foundation for taking control of their financial lives.

why a students work for c students

Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students

Kiyosaki expands on his belief that the school system was created to churn out Es / Employees…those “A Students” who read well, memorize well and test well… and not the creative thinkers, visionaries, and dreamers – entrepreneurs-in-the-making…those “C Students” who grow up to be the innovators and creators of new ideas, businesses, applications, and products.

401k forty years later

401k – Forty Years Later

Ted Benna is often referred to as the father of the 401k because he created and gained IRS approval of the first 401k savings plan. Learn about how he sees the 40k today 40 years later.

Financial Terms You Should Know

Not sure what the difference is between “tax free” and “tax deferred”? Or perhaps you’re confused by all the different types of life insurance that are available? We’ve created a list of financial terms that will be helpful to you as you make plans for your financial future.